Real Estate Calculator for Windows®-based Computers

Real Estate Calculator Suite Makes Real Estate Math Easy

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When real estate math seems overwhelming, Real Estate Calculator Suite can help.  Designed for home buyers, home sellers and real estate professionals, Real Estate Calculator Suite is real estate software that lets you play with the numbers related to your real estate transactions.

Real Estate Calculator Suite includes the following calculators:  2 Quick Calculators, 2 Down Payment Savings Calculators, a Popup Calculator, a Date Calculator, a Mortgage Qualifier, Monthly and Annual Loan Amortization schedules, Loan Spread Calculator, a Biweekly Payment Calculator, a Refinancing Calculator, an Estimated Closing Cost Calculator, a Home Seller's Proceeds Calculator, a Rent or Buy Calculator and a Prepayment Calculator.

These calculators answer questions for users like, "How much house can I really afford on my income?", "What impact would a different interest rate have on the amount of my monthly payment?", "How much money and time can I save by making prepayments or biweekly payments?", "Is refinancing my current mortgage loan a good idea?" and "How much will I profit by selling my home?".

Real Estate Calculator Suite, $39.95 US, is designed to help you calculate answers to your questions about real estate math.  Download a fully-function evaluation version or Buy it Now!

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