Mortgage Qualifier Calculator in Real Estate Calculator Suite

A Mortgage Affordability Calculator

Mortgage Qualifier Calculator

The Mortgage Qualifier in Real Estate Calculator Suite makes it easy for home buyers to calculate the monthly payment and loan amount for which they safely qualify.

Recent media attention on the problems caused by subprime, adjustable rate, interest only mortgage practices, has pointed out the dangers of borrowing more than one can safely afford.  However, even in a time of loose lending practices, it's possible to determine what responsible lenders have long thought were safe lending standards.  The mortgage qualification calculator in Real Estate Calculator Suite helps you do it.

For home buyers concerned about the temptation to buy more house than they can easily afford, the Mortgage Qualifier in Real Estate Calculator Suite can help determine what an acceptable monthly payment for a fixed rate mortgage may be based upon their income and current debt load.

While a home buyer may approved for a loan amount that is obviously beyond his or her ability to repay, this mortgage affordability calculator uses the industry-standard ratios which have been used for decades to ensure a home buyer doesn't borrow more than can be repaid.

Real Estate Calculator Suite, $39.95 US, is designed to help you use the standard debt and housing ratios to learn the payment amounts and loan amounts for which you may safely qualify.  Download Real Estate Calculator Suite and try it for yourself or Buy it Now!

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