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Quick Calculators

The two Quick Calculators give you fast answers to simple questions about loan variables and payments when you don't require all the financial details needed to answer more complicated financial questions.

There are two Quick Calculators, the "Monthly Payment (PITI)" and the "Missing Loan Variables" calculators.

Monthly Payment (PITI) Calculator

Monthly Payment Calculator

The Monthly Payment (PITI) calculator offers a quick way to determine an estimated monthly mortgage loan payment with or without taxes and insurance.

Enter the "Purchase Price" in the appropriate edit field.  Then enter your down payment in the "Down Payment $" field if you have a specific amount you will use, or enter the down payment as a percentage.  The loan amount will be calculated for you by subtracting the down payment from the purchase price.  It will be displayed in the "Loan Amount" field.

Next enter the interest rate and length of your mortgage in months in the "Interest Rate" and "Term in Months" fields.

The monthly payment will be displayed in the "Monthly Payment (P&I)" field.  This amount does not include taxes and insurance.

To calculate the full monthly payment of principal, interest, taxes and insurance, enter your estimated annual taxes and your estimated annual insurance in the "Estimated Annual Taxes" and "Estimated Annual Insurance" fields.

Your full estimated monthly payment will be calculated and displayed in the "Monthly Payment (PITI)" field.

Missing Loan Variables Calculator

Calculate Missing Loan Variable

The "Missing Loan Variables" calculator is a simple time value of money calculator that allows you to enter any three of the four basic loan values (Loan Amount, Interest Rate, Payment (P&I) and Term).  After you enter the three values you know, the Missing Loan Variables calculator will compute the fourth value.

To use the Missing Loan Variables calculator, click on the button for the variable you wish to compute.  Then enter the three values you know.  Finally, click the "Calculate" button and the answer will be computed and displayed in the corresponding field.

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