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Loan Spread Calculator

The Loan Spread Calculator in Real Estate Calculator Suite is a lite version of the more advanced, LoanSpread™ Financial Calculator available from TedCo Software at

Loan Spread Calculator provides a quick way to compare up to 77 different loans at once on a matrix of financial answers.

Using Loan Spread Calculator is easy.  Enter a loan amount, interest rate and term in months to calculate a payment table separated by loan amount and interest rates.

Choose to calculate any of the four basic time value of money variables by clicking the radio button for the one you wish to compute (Payment, Loan Amount, Interest Rate and Term in Months).

The financial matrix of answers can be incremented in amounts you choose from the radio buttons displayed above the answer table.

The easiest way to become quickly familiar with the Loan Spread Calculator is to simply play with it.  It's a very user-friendly, intuitive calculator that provides a breadth of financial answers not often seen in a financial calculator.

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