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Loan Amortization Schedules

Real Estate Calculator Suite generates monthly and annual Amortization Schedules.  Each can include prepayments of principal made to all payments, individual payments or defined ranges of payments.

The Amortization Schedules are easily generated by entering the amount borrowed, the interest rate, term in months and month and year of the first payment.  After entering these values, click the "Create or Refresh Schedule" button and the amortization schedule will be computed and displayed.  If you wish to switch between the annual and monthly schedules you may do so by clicking the appropriate "View Annual/Monthly Amortization Schedule" button.

Adding prepayments against principal is easy, too.  Begin by generating the amortization schedule as you wish.  Next, click the "Add Prepayments" button and a new set of radio buttons and edit fields will be displayed.

Choose whether you wish to add prepayments to a single payment, a range of payments, or to all payments by clicking on the appropriate radio button under "Add To".

Next, based upon the selection you just made, the From Payment, To Payment and Amount fields will be enabled to allow you to enter your prepayment information.  After you enter the necessary information, click the "Apply Extra" button.

You may also remove extra prepayments by entering the payment number(s) and the amount you wish to remove and clicking the "Remove Extra" button.

In either case, adding or removing prepayment amounts, you may return to the initial Amortization Schedule generator by clicking the "Return to Amort" button.

You may print any of the amortization schedules you generate by clicking the Print button or choosing "Print" from the File menu.

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