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Estimated Closing Costs Calculator

The Estimated Closing Costs Calculator is one of 16 mortgage calculators in Real Estate Calculator Suite, $39.95 US. It allows you to quickly calculate, preview and print a detailed report of estimated closing costs associated with a mortgage.

As you enter the purchase transaction variables in the white edit boxes on the Estimated Closing Costs Calculator the results are simultaneously calculated and displayed in the yellow edit boxes.

NOTE:  The results generated by the Estimated Closing Costs Calculator are based upon the financial values you enter.  These items are estimates of the charges you are likely to incur at settlement. These are only estimates. Your actual charges may vary. Your purchase may not involve a fee for all of these items included in the estimation of your closing costs or it may include other items not indicated by the Estimated Closing Costs Calculator.

The HUD-1 Statement which you will receive at the time of settlement will show your exact costs for all items paid at settlement.

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